MISSION: The Northwest Wayne Vicariate Pastoral Council (NWWVPC) seeks to enhance communications and facilitate resources throughout the Catholic parishes and institutions within Northwest Wayne County. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we will work together by embracing our heritage, while boldly striking out into a new reality, all to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ.

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The SJ5K is a benefit run hosted by high school students at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park to honor and support local families in crisis.  Each year, the event’s purpose is to bring the community together to provide hope, support, and financial relief for families facing illness, medical emergencies, or other life-altering situations.

This year the SJ5K will be on Sunday, May 5th.

Over the past thirteen years, the SJ5K has been able to support over 60 local families.  To learn more about the event and the history of the event visit www.SJ5K.org  

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