The Vicariate's Vicar is Fr. Paul Ballien. It is part of the larger South Region of the Archdiocese of Detroit which is led by Regional Moderator, Bishop Gerard W. Battersby. Please visit the websites of our vicariate organizations for information on our local church of Detroit.

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MISSION: The Northwest Wayne Vicariate Pastoral Council (NWWVPC) seeks to enhance communications and facilitate resources throughout the Catholic parishes and institutions within Northwest Wayne County. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we will work together by embracing our heritage, while boldly striking out into a new reality, all to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ.

Fr. Ballien

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The Northwest Wayne Vicariate is a group of Catholic parishes and organizations that are part of the South Region in the Archdiocese of Detroit. The vicariate is made up of parishes, schools, hospitals, and other Catholic institutions in Novi, South Lyon, Canton, Garden City, Livonia, Northville, Plymouth, Redford, and Westland. There are 21 parishes, 9 Catholic schools and universities, Schoolcraft College campus ministry, the Felician communitySt. John Center, in addition to Angela HospiceSt. Mary Mercy Hospital, retired clergy, and nursing care in our vicariate.

Bishop Battersby

Northwest Wayne Vicariate