Northwest Wayne Vicariate

Are you a confirmed Catholic who no longer “goes to church”? Are you searching for answers, but can’t seem to find people who will listen to the questions?

Ministry Beacon 155 lets you be heard. We are here to listen to what you feel and think. We provide a safe place to talk about your feelings and the Catholic Church.


Ministry Beacon 155

We are a group of disciples of Jesus Christ who walk with you on your journey of faith. Ministry Beacon’s six week program is unique and one of a kind: We begin with listening to understand; we then accompany you on your journey of faith. 

Ministry Beacon 155 is a light leading to safe harbor – a place where you can be yourself and begin anew your journey of faith, without fear of being judged or made to feel uncomfortable. Those of us who minister Beacon 155 are simply fellow travelers, and we’ve discovered something that has led us to a deeper love for Jesus Christ; it’s something we’d like to share with you. 

To learn more and receive a schedule of upcoming sessions, please send us an e‐mail by clicking the link below. We’d love to hear from you!​

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